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2 Meter

KE4KQI 147.135 (Mooresburg)* Echolink

KE4KQI 147.240 (Sneedville)*

WB4OAH 147.225 (Morristown)*

KQ4E 145.45 (Morristown)

KD4HZN 147.315 (Rogersville)*

KD4PVU 146.745 (Roan Mtn)

1.25 Meter

KD4HZN 224.480 (Rogersville)*

70 cm

KE4KQI 442.450 (Sneedville)

KG4GVX 444.600 (Morristown)

KF4FTD 442.700 (Greenville, TN)

KG4GVX 444.950 (Jefferson City, TN)

33 cm

KE4KQI 927.6125 (Mooresburg)

6 Meter

KQ4E 53.23 (Morristown)

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When  keying our linked repeaters please key your transmitter, wait a second, then talk or enter your DTMF tones to allow all links to come active. 

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